Preparing for Life After Baby

Beyond the Bump

Entering parenthood can be an exciting and overwhelming time. My one on one coaching plans are developed and structured based on your unique needs. We will work together to develop a plan best suited for you and your family to prepare you for this transitional time in your lives.

Investing in the Future of Your Family

Oftentimes when we enter parenthood, the focus becomes solely on our children, and we begin to lose sight of the ways that we identify and find self worth, the things that brought us to our partners and the ways in which we connect with others. Without realizing it, we take on the identity of ‘mother’ so wholly, that it is easy to forget who we were prior to entering this phase of life. What if we safeguarded and prepared for the emotional aspects of parenthood in the same way that we prepare for the physical parts of giving birth?

With Beyond the Bump, we will address several of the key factors that contribute to emotional well-being in matrescence. We will look at the family system as a whole (yes, this includes EVERYONE involved!) and identify the roles, needs and wants as individuals and together. Our meetings can occur via video chat or in person, either in my office in Orange County or in the comfort of your home.

Most importantly, we will work together to develop an individualized plan that is unique to you and your family, preparing you for this exciting (and overwhelming!) time.

Sounds Great! How Can I Get Started?

I’m so thrilled that you are choosing to take this step in preparing for your baby. If you would like more information about Beyond the Bump, or to join the waiting list, please fill out the form below.

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